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A.W.! Fox's Art Commissions


Terms Of Service

:Privacy Policy:

What is done with emails, usernames and other personal information?

We do Not share, give, rent or sell your personal information to third parties for the purpose of commercial solicitation or profit.The only time we share your information with other companies is for the purpose of fulfilling your orders, processing payments etc.We also share your address with UPS or USPS so that your order can be shipped to you.(When applicable)

By Commissioning Me in Any Way, You Are Agreeing to the Following Terms.

By requesting an art commission(s) from me, you are agreeing to these Terms of Service("Terms") which create a legally binding agreement between you(the patron) and me(the artist).

:Please Note:

I(the artist) Am opened to discuss the following terms and possibly make adjustments, if the patron asks for said discussion when they request a commission(s) or during the consultation process.


I(the artist) have the right to decline any request for any reason.

•Provide clear references.(when applicable)

•Bad/Aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated and the patron's commission may be canceled(and refunded) if it occurs.

•Please follow the rules provided in the Commission Information.


•All commissions must be paid in full upfront. •Currency accepted is USD.

•Acceptable payment methods include Ko-fi, Venmo, Square and PayPal.


•Works In Progress(WIPs) will be given upon request.

•WIPs will be given if I have any questions regarding your commission.

•The time for your commission to be completed can be up to 2 months depending on many factors such as: Health, order of commission, complexity, work or family issues.

•If any delays occur you will be notified asap.


I try to do everything I can to make my customers happy.

However, if you want changes to be made after your commission is completed, only small changes are allowed.

(Such as small colouring/marking changes, small outfit or background addition/subtraction.)

Any large changes will come with a fee.

(Such as an outfit/background change or anything that would make me have to redraw it completely.)

Make sure to be clear about what you want when you commission me and throughout the consultation process.


•I, the artist, hold every right to the produced drawing, not the patron.

Therefore I am allowed to use the copyrighted artwork to:

•Promote myself within any place or site.

•Publish books with it.

•Display it anywhere to my liking.

•Post it wherever I want.


The patron is allowed to:

•Use the copyrighted artwork for personal use only.

(unless I, the artist, agreed otherwise)

•Print the art

•Claim the right of their character(s) and/or thing(s) within the artwork but not the drawing itself.

•Use the art to promote themselves with proper credit given to me, the artist.

•If you break the copyright in any way, every right you had to the drawing will be retracted.

The following is considered Copyright infringement:

•Reproducing/using the copyrighted artwork commercially. Which Means to make money of it without my, the artist's, consent.

•Taking Credit for the creation of the artwork. •Removing any watermarks/signatures.

•Altering the artwork without my(the artist) consent.


•I have the right to cancel and refund the money for your commission at any time.

The patron has the right to stop the commission process only if payment has not yet been received.

•The patron is allowed to Request a cancelation and refund if necessary, Before the commission is completed.

•The patron has no right to demand a refund from me(the artist) after the commission is completed, under any circumstances.


If you file a chargeback against me, your right to everything I have ever made for you will be retracted and I have the right to sell the copyrighted artwork to new buyers. You will also be forbidden to ever commission me, A.W.! Fox/Rachel Bailey, ever again.

Your name will be publicly posted everywhere I want for others to watch out for.

I also have every right to file a complaint and I also have all the right to keep the money you have paid.

Also note: If you send me money without properly commissioning me or without getting conformation that I have accepted the job, it Will be seen and kept as a donation.


If you are under the age of 13 please ask a parent or guardian Before purchasing products and Before providing the following information:

Email address and Username

:What is this information used for?:

To Enter events, receive prizes and provide updates.

▪︎This information is never shared, given, rented or sold to third parties.▪︎

(Please see our Privacy Policy page for more information)

A.W.! Fox/Rachel Bailey