A.W.! Fox's Art Commissions

A.W.! Fox's Art Commissions


🌟My Art Commissions are Currently Opened!🌟

:Additional Information:

Here's a simple rule of thumb, keep your request PG and if in doubt, ask me about it via my contact page.📧

:Payment Methods:

I accept Venmo, Square and PayPal.

About My Pricing

Pricing may very depending on complexity.

I'm very flexible, so if you have a lot to request or think your request may be expensive, send me an email or comment here and I can give you a quote.(and maybe special pricing depending on the circumstances.)

Click the images below to see some examples of my base pricing and types of art commissions I offer.

Chibi Pricing

◀️Click image to view base prices.

Regular Pricing

◀️Click image to view base prices.

Background Pricing

◀️Click image to view base prices.


If you commission me during one of my livestreams held through out the week, you can get special pricing:

Headshot: $10 -- Half Body: $15 -- Full Body: $20

(Special applies to both regular and chibi.

Full color and shading are also included.)

:Live Platforms:




I try to live stream at least once a week usually around:

11am/12pm(Hawaii time)

Which is:

4pm/5pm(Mountain standard time)

I do apologize for not having a regular live streaming schedule, I am currently dealing with some things that are making it a bit difficult, but I do notify my followers on TikTok(via a video), Twitter and on my Discord server where and when I'm going to be live streaming.

Thank you for your understanding, stay safe and stay awesome.

A.W.! Fox/Rachel Bailey